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Weight loss could become as simple as drinking three cups of tea a day, according to a new study. Sounds unbelievable right – well, let’s get a few things straight first.

Professor Lindsay Brown from the University of Queensland has put a new spin on the phrase “you are what you eat”. The professor said “you are what you drink” could also hold true, after his four years of research into the fat-busting tea.

“The results suggest that this tea product can stop fat gain and attack fat deposits,” Prof Brown said.

First of all, the research shows a lot more more promise than most of those so called “slimming teas” which have received quite a bad reputation. This new weight loss weapon is actually a variation on Green Tea, which has already been shown to have positive effects on weight loss. It’s called Spearole Tea, and is made from a blend of green tea, spearmint, grape seed and olive leaf.

Prof Brown has been researching the Australian green tea Spearole Tea for four years and said it was high in antioxidants and contained olive leaf extract, grape seed and, for flavour, spearmint oil.

The downside to the study was that it was funded by the manufacturer of Spearole.

To test the tea, Prof Brown put his healthy lab rats on a junk food diet high in fat and sugar for the next 8 weeks. The rats became fat, developed high blood pressure, stiffening of the heart and diabetes, which are symptoms of obesity.

He then added Spearole Tea to their existing junk food diet and despite keeping them on the this bad diet, the tea reversed the symptoms relating to obesity and reduced their weight within four to eight weeks.[relatedposts]

It is thought that the tea works by preventing the fat cells from releasing inflammatory chemicals that attract more fat. and grape components of the tea are likely to have a similar effect, while the spearmint is just added for flavouring.

Dr. Brown said the results were: “Simply amazing.”

It does sound too good to be true. But with those ingredients, the tea should have some positive benefits to your health. The weight loss in humans though, remains to be seen.

Prof Brown will be presenting his findings to clinicians in order to have his research moved to human trials.